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Child Safety Treatments and Features

Apex Window Décor is committed to the safety of your child.

Hunter Douglas Safety LogoWindow treatments have posed a serious danger to children of all ages. Dangling cords and/or continuous cord loops that are not securely mounted to a hard surface have caused injury and even death in the past. This danger can easily be avoided with Apex Window Décor’s child safety solutions. We have a wide variety of treatments andfeatures that offer ease of operation, aesthetic beauty and most importantly safety for the little ones.

Below is a list of popular treatments and features that Apex Window Décor recommends. They appear in order of the Apex Safety Rating, the first being the safest.


  1. Shutters – Shutters have no cords or fabric and therefore are listed at the top of our child safety treatment list.
  2. Features:

  3. Motorization – Motorization eliminates dangling cords drastically lowering the risk of injury. Motorization includes battery operated treatments. Inquire about the new Platinum Motorized Technology.
  4. Cordless – The cordless operation is available on most of our treatments. Cordless eliminates dangling cords lowering the risk of cord related injury.
  5. Wands – wand drawn treatments (i.e. vertical blinds, panel track)
  6. Continuous Cord Loop – the continuous cord loop is ONLY safe when the cord tensioners are properly mounted into a hard surface. If not mounted they could pose a serious danger to children. Therefore, Apex Window Décor highly recommends mounting all cord tensioners where possible. (The customer must specify if the cords should be mounted prior to the date of installation).
  7. Retractable cord – The retractable cord is offered with many treatments and although there is a cord it will more likely be out of the reach of children lowering the risk of cord related injury.

Additional safety precautions include:

  • Mounting cord tensioners to a solid surface and/or usage of *cord cleats where possible to keep cords from the reach of children.
  • Keeping furniture a safe distance away from treatments with cords.
  • Educating children to the possible dangers that dangling cords could pose.

*Apex Window Décor will send up to 5 clear cord cleats free of charge just by calling 206.725.APEX (2739) and requesting them.

*Apex Window Décor can only recommend treatments and feature upgrades to lower the risk of injury. Apex Window Décor does not guarantee any of these treatments to be risk-free. Apex Window Décor is not responsible for any injury relating to the window treatments and features we sell.

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