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Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ's are real questions/concerns that our customers have expressed over time. We have compiled these questions together with the answers in order to assist our customer's in understanding more about Apex Window Décor's products and service.

Q: Does Apex Window Décor have any unique window coverings?

A: Indeed. Apex offers the exclusive and exquisite Alustra Collection by Hunter Douglas. The Alustra Collection is a combination of the top Hunter Douglas products yet with unique, stylish and truly beautiful finishes, features and options. There is simply nothing like the Alustra Collection. Considering there is only a select few that carry this special line of custom window coverings be sure to contact Apex for a free in-home measure and consultation to see the Alustra Collection today.

Q: Can custom window coverings improve the value of a home?

A: Custom window coverings can improve the value of your home. However, even the untrained eye of a prospect home buyer can sense when window treatments are off brands and / or from a "do it yourself" box store. Those types of window coverings do not add value, but rather they stick out like a sore thumb. Thats why Apex only offers name brands like Hunter Douglas, Fashion Tech, Conrad and others. Also, we offer service. Our "Sure-Fit" measuring system and free personal design consultation ensures the window coverings will enhance the looks, feel, and thus value of your home.

Q: Does Apex Window Décor carry an insulating window treatments?

A: We get this question more and more as the importance of conservation takes center stage. It is perhaps one of the most influential and important trends in this day in age. Therefore, Apex carries a whole line of R-value elevating and energy conserving window treatments. The Energy Chic Hunter Douglas Duette Architella shade is the highest rated insulating window covering available today. In fact, it works so well that there is now a federal tax credit of up to $1,500.00 for purchasing these shades. These shades may cost a little more than the other styles, but they will provide the fastest and best ROI (return-on-investment) without a doubt.

Q: What are the lead times?

A: The lead times really depend on three main factors; the type of window treatment, the manufacturer and the time of year. Most of our jobs are installed and completed within a two week period. Orders can be placed on a rush for a nominal charge and although this is available it is usually not necessary. We strive to always be efficient, yet precise in all that we do. Don’t be fooled by companies that have catchy lead times hinted in their name. No company produces custom blinds, shades or shutters in three days at no additional charge.

Q: Where are the blinds manufactured?

A: Apex Window Decor sells products that are primarily made in the USA. Some of our products are even made here in the great Northwest. Supporting American manufacturers has always been a high priority for Apex. It not only benefits the companies and individuals close to home, but it also translates into superior quality for our customers.

Q: Can Apex help me pick colors, styles and assist overall with the design aspects of our project?

A: Yes. Yes. And Yes. Our designers have years of extensive knowledge and experience in the field of design in general and with custom window treatments in particular. We assist our customer's to find practical, functional and affordable window treatment solutions without foregoing on the design of the space.

Q: Does Apex also provide professional installation?

A: Apex Window Decor is a one-stop-shop with professional measuring and installation services. Our installers have all been screened and selected based on past performance, years of experience and credible third party references. We only use installers that are kind, respectful and trustworthy or we wouldn't dare send them into your home. Most of our installers have been working with us for decades.

Q: What products do you sell that are considered 'Green Treatments'?

A: Apex Window Decor is proud to carry many lines of both blinds and shades that are eco-friendly and truly "GREEN". We carry everything from roller shades that eliminate any off-setting of harmful gases; mini-blinds made from 100% recycled aluminum and one of our favorite treatments; the new Hunter Douglas Energy Chic Duette Architella shade, which is proven to save you BIG on rising energy bills!

  1. The Green Chic, Hunter Douglas Duette Architella shades, which help insulate your home conserving energy and saving you money.
  2. Hunter Douglas' Greenscapes roller shades made with all natural materials and also do not off set any harmful gasses.
  3. Hunter Douglas' 1" and 2" aluminum Precious Metal blinds, which are made from 100% recycled aluminum.

If you have a question, please contact us at info@apexshades.com.

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